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7 years ago

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Debbie Grattan
"Debbie is an experienced and consummate pro. I've recorded her delivering everything from relaxed destination ad copy to dense, high-speed direct response calls-to-action, and she’s always right on the money in her interpretation of the material. She's accommodating to tight schedules, readily accessible, good-humored, and graceful in sessions.

These days who's got the time or budget to go with anyone who's not exceedingly capable? Hiring Debbie always yields rock solid results."

Debbie's vocal range is comfortably 25-50 North American English Female.
Voice description is: Mid range
Versatile Voice Actor
Upbeat, Friendly Quality (Disney)
Warm and Compassionate (Blue Cross)
Specialty in Complicated Narrative, (Medical and IT)
Character Voices and Dialects available
Believable, Authoritative, and can easily give the "Real person" Conversational delivery requested so often in current media recording.

Debbie was on-stage in and film and TV in Los Angeles for many years, so as an accomplished actor, brings those interpretive skills behind the mic daily for each new client.

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